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Sketchy Animation? Win.

Altair and Vega

Sketchy Animation? Describes the past few days.

Things I have done or an thinking about:

  • Glorious Revolution #02 Released :D – after a month of hiatus.
  • I finally added a much needed scoring table to the Japanese Mahjong page.
  • I’ve finished the Auxiliary Verb section of the classical Japanese page (still needs cleanup though)
  • I’ve gotten to Episode 6 of Disgaea in the game and I think I like it a little too much :x
  • I’ve in the process of making a pretty system for showing examples of mahjong hands for the mahjong page, hopefully I’ll get that done sometime soon.
  • I’ve been re-watching Touhou M-1s and I’d like to share.
  • I watched Kara no Kyoukai #06 Oblivion Recorder
  • I learned how to play “economy” (free) Tenhou Mahjong
  • I want to have a tea party. Why? I haven’t had something of the sort in ages, and who doesn’t like tea?
  • I want to force myself to read Kara no Kyoukai, and not stall like how I do on most of my reading projects

Mahjong Humiliation:
I found out how to play Tenhou free, and I got thoroughly trounced; and I mean, thoroughly trounced. I never knew how much I sucked. I could blame my headache, my dehydration, bad luck, or whatever – but either free Tenhou players are much better – or I just never realized how much I suck.
— 3x -52 losses, 1 +56 win, another -16 loss D: → Break, then fighting back!
So it appears that I cannot concentrate without music. I turned up Lunar Dial up way loud, and then I haven’t hit a negative since: got +6 (2nd) and then +46 (1st) – not too bad not too bad, certainly a lot better than before ^^;

So now I can go: WAHAHA :)

I’m sure you’re wondering why you spent the time to read this? I’m wondering too. :)