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Umineko no Naku Passage Translation

Haruhi-Kyon, Pandora's Box

That phrase can stick to a lot of stuff – like buying my first Touhou thingy, I’m going slowly downhill D: So I’ve just succumbed again to Touhou merchandise and have purchased a Kaenbyou Rin Touhou Mahjong phone strap. She’s my favorite player to play as, and I thought it would be a nice tribute to both my love for Touhou and mahjong – I’m not much into phone straps though, so I’m probably just going to attach it to my bag :).

Kaenbyou Rin 6-pin Tile
If you have a nico nico douga account – watch this. If you don’t, I believe you can bypass and watch it via Sankaku Complex here (note Sankaku Complex is not exactly a “work-safe” site). Since all the new Haruhi stuff, despite its irritation inducing setup, I have wanted to read more of it – so – I’m going to sort of switch back and forth reading Haruhi and Toradora for a while, until I can finish both of them.

I said I was going to translate the passage from Umineko no Naku Koro ni, so here it is! If you want to know why or how I translated any certain section just comment about it. Oh, and the fish isn’t technically trout, but “sweetfish” just sounds stupid in this context. All in all, it makes little sense as is o.o; – which is why I really want to know what happens!!



There is of old a trout-filled river that passes through the land of your elders.
Those seeking the golden city, search for the key down this river.


Descending upon the river, eventually you will come across a village.
In this village, two shall search the the shore.
It is there, that the key to the golden city sleeps.


The one that obtains the key is to follow the steps below to travel to the golden city.


The first night, offer up six chosen by the key as living sacrifices.
The second night, those left behind, separate the two people who are closest.
The third night, those left behind, lift my name up in great praise.
The fourth night, gouge out the head of one and kill.
The fifth night, gouge out the heart of another and kill.
The sixth night, gouge out the stomach of another and kill.
The seventh night, gouge out the knee of another and kill.
The eighth night, gouge out the leg of another and kill.
The ninth night, the witch will be reborn, and no one will be left alive.
The tenth night, the journey is over and you should have arrived at the city of gold.