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Why is this the picture for this post? 1. Hatsune Miku is my idol. 2. I love to advertise IOSYS. 3. Apparently I tend to be in an advertising mood. I also am amused by the Engrish transmalignation of the Japanese title. “Slightly” more aligned here: “The reason why I have changed slightly in the two years since I met you.”

So, I’ve watched and read a variety of things. Though I haven’t finished reading it yet, Faust 2 is so far just as good as Faust 1 (Japanese Literary magazine excerpt ((meaning it’s only got the “editor’s picks” in it because the full magazine is WAY too huge)) in English), and I fully recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it yet. It describes itself quite well as post-modern cutting-edge Japanese literature, and that’s just what it is – a collection of short stories or sometimes single chapters, as well as a few strictly artistic manga one-shots. If you’re looking for moe, this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for more – pick it up. I found the first one at my local bookstore and then pre-ordered the second, but if you’re all into amazon like most people and me: Faust 1, Faust 2.

Uwa, it looks like in the course of a year and a half the translated novels and good manga have spiked! I never thought I’d see the glorious day when Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was brought to America, especially after I read a volume or two because of all the Japanese cultural references packed in, but apparently it’s out! Furthermore apparently it’s enjoying success because the 3rd volume is slated for release soon. Hmm, I may have to buy a copy if for nothing else but to pay tribute to Koji Kumeta and the wonderful group that decided to publish it. SZS found here.

Although I seem to unfortunately in a sort of advertising mode, the last book I’d like to recommend is Zaregoto 1: The Kubikiri Cycle by Nisioisin. ^^ It’s an interesting read – especially if you like mysteries, and especially if you like Nisioisin’s unique style of writing (which can be confusing at times orz – in a good way).

As it was my day off yesterday I got around to watching a good number of things, including the Minami-ke Betsubara OVA (betsubara means someone that can keep on eating forever!~ – it makes sense when you compare the titles of the series) – which was very much enjoyable and reminded me how much I would like to either re-watch the series or get started on the manga. I also watched the second xxxHolic Shunmuki OVA – and well, the same basic response – I skimmed through the more recent xxxHolic chapters (in Japanese ^^) and got a big shock near the end (but I won’t spoil ^.-), and therefore I want to re-read the manga. I would also like to just go ahead and re-watch the series too, though the anime more just because I have fond memories of watching it for the first time. CLAMP sort of introduced me to the world of manga too, so… ^^

So many things to do and so little time… – Oh I may have mentioned that I fixed and fixed up my old guitar – and I’m trying to learn Yuyuko’s theme ^^; – I can play the beginning scales part and the beginning of the main part – it’s fun, I’m not really musically inclined, so I’ll never really be good – but it’s fun anyway and that’s what counts. Oh well I can just be like Yui – and that’s not a bad thing :D -> I blame K-On for my guitar venture – am I really that easily brainwashed? Yes. If I ever watch an episode of Saki (which I really only watch for the mahjong games and Takei Hisa) I am not satisfied until I play ~3-4 han-chans – but well, it’s boosting my performance so I shouldn’t be complaining. I’m almost at the point where I’d buy a Tenhou subscription, but I hate paying subscriptions for things, because I always get upset when they’re about to end, and I feel like  ;-; (this is what caused the falling out between me and Mabinogi – but that was probably a good thing.)

I may translate “Nisemono” (Kyou no Go no Ni OP) or something else – maybe “again” (FMA-2 OP) soon… Speaking of FMA-2 it’s fantastic – I can’t wait until the next couple of arcs come, many of which are entirely manga-centric. Though you might watch it and say that the plot is the same – it really isn’t… it approaches it in an entirely different way, and that way is dare I say it far more interesting. So I’m excited. If I strike gold I’ll buy ALL of the FMA manga – how many volumes are they at now ~30? (22). But I’d best read everything else I have before I blow more money ;-;