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Violet Lyrics (Half-OP)

Umi Monogatari Kingyo

They look like goldfish if you ask me o.o;

Umimonogatari Opening Theme Violet:

Well I was a little bit liberal with the lyrics below, but if I’m off at all it’ll be on nuances – I promise ^^. Of course this is not the complete song, only the part that is in the opening video. The full version comes out on CD July 22nd, 2009 – so if you really like the song and you aren’t broke, support! Perhaps if people start buying more we can put a small dent in Japanese “otaku business” xenophobia. This translation was done as a favor to Jade Fansubs.

うみものがたり OP
作詞: micco
作編曲: 菊池 達也 (Kikuchi Tatsuya)
歌: marble

君といえば 君といたら
君もそうで 君もいま 安らげるって
そのまま 時間さえも 忘れそうなくらい 自然だから

When I think of you, whenever you’re here,
I feel at ease.
Now if only you would say, that you feel the same
That would be wonderful.
Like this, it would be natural if we lost track of time.

指先から 零れ落ちる ヴァイオレットよ
小さな夢 描いて行こう
二人で ささやかな 言葉が嬉しい

From the tips of our fingers runs overflowing violet,
painting small dreams as it scatters.
When we’re together, a few words mean happiness.
Under this painted sky.