“Alice Maestra” / “Voile, the Magic Library” Lyrics and Translation

Alstroemeria Record's Exserens Album Cover

So, eventful days like to come in streams. I just fixed my Fender Stratocaster yesterday, it’s wonderful, and I’ve already got Yui-like bruised fingers from trying to play it too much. orz; Also, Faust 2 (translated) came in today, and I’m going to read it during the weekend – if it’s as great as the last one then I have nothing to worry about. I’m probably going to translate Glorious Revolution #03 soon, I’ve been itching to finish it, and then perhaps move on to Patchouli’s line in Stripe Pattern’s Koumakyou Before Days. My first day manning my other job went swell – everyone that works there is really nice, too nice – it’s wonderful, but it almost throws me off a little as I try to act all nice and bubbly back ^^; Then there’s the problem about talking without going off into my own little world that the general public is not at all interested in. I like Touhou songs, so perhaps I’ll do a few more off EXSERENS. I’m done with hinting at what I’ll do next though, because that almost curses it and I’ll see something else. I’m meeting with a friend that I haven’t seen in over a year tomorrow ^^ – my memory is abysmall so if I don’t see these people every so often I forget them (・x・)

I had 176 items in my recycling bin – when did that happen o.o?

Alice Maestra is coming, but first – an emo song from Patchouli!

Voile, The
Magic Library

Adapted From ARCD0021 “Harmony”
ヴワル魔法図書館 – 東方紅魔郷

Lyric: Haruka
Vocal: Aki Misawa

鮮やかに彩った 外の景色さえ憂鬱を
賑やかな世界さえ 私を苦しめ悩ませる
Even the brightly colored scene outside brings me depression.
Even the liveliness of the world causes me but pain and worry.

苦しみを感じた 体でも瞳閉じて
今は閉ざした 沈黙の世界で
I felt pain, and closed off my body and my eyes.
Now I am locked, within the world of silence.

静寂、乱れて崩れる前に 私を信じて
Before this magic disappears within a rain of sadness.
Before this stillness is broken, believe in me.

光さえ入らない 表と裏を創る世界
苦しみも 私には 息を感じさせてくれるの
In this world I have made such that light does not enter.
This pain gives to me the sensation that is to breathe.

降る雨は貴方を 引き止める為の涙
今は全てをこの瞬間に 賭けるわ
This falling rain is but tears made to keep you away.
I am betting everything now on this moment.

この鼓動が消えてしまう前に 私を感じて
Before you have been told of this life’s passing, hold me in your arms.
Before this pulse disappears, feel me.

静寂、乱れて崩れる前に 私を信じて
Before this magic disappears within a rain of sadness.
Before this stillness is broken, believe in me.

Translator’s Note for the above: “This pain gives to me the sensation that is to breathe” means the pain has reminded her in a sense of what it means to be alive. Additionally the “pain” used is not “physical” pain, but a pain of emotion and heart. I imagine Patchouli thinking of Marisa.

Alice Maestra
Adapted From ARCD0021 “Harmony”
アリスマエステラ – 東方幻想郷

Lyric: Haruka
Vocal: Nomico

1人歩き続けてる今でも 君の笑顔それはひと時の
心揺れる事を隠してる いつか別の道歩む
Since when have my dreams lost their light? Since when have you entered my thoughts?
Even now as I continue walking alone, I see your smile from long before.
Hiding the wavering in my heart, from time to time I tread a separate path.

“You are not alone”
These words you spoke with a smile I hold in my heart.
I’m not alone? But I had been watching my fate, one to be filled with loneliness.

ああ君のそばで ああ夢を見てた
ああでも見えるの 別々の道
Ah, but next to you I saw a dream
Ah, but what I saw was along a separate path.

時はいつか人を変えてゆく 想い告げる事も許されず
いつも彷徨い続ける? このまま憂い残す季節そのままで
なにを伝え続け見つめるの? 私取り残されてく
Time sometimes changes people – unforgiving of the thoughts of others
How long have I been wandering? Now in this season which leaves sadness behind,
What have you tried to tell me, that I have been gazing at? You have left me behind.

“You are not alone”

私は1人じゃないと 自分を操る運命を見つめ
I understand those words now
They mean for me to find a fate that I control

ああ夢の中で ああ夢を見てた
ああ今わかるの 2人の気持ち
Ah- In the midst of a dream, I saw another
Ah- I understand now, these are the feelings of two.

季節流れ私歩みだす 想い胸に秘めていつまでも
きっとそれぞれの道をこれから 今はわかる強い意志を持つ
君と私別の道を行く 心交差したままで
The seasons change and I keep walking. With these thoughts kept forever hidden in my heart,
Surely now upon those various other paths, knowing now and holding a strong will
I will walk a path apart from you, yet with our hearts overlapped.

夢は全て光与えるの 想いいつもここに変わらずに
1人歩き続けてる今でも 残る笑顔それはひと時の
心揺れることを隠してる いつか別の道歩む
My dreams are now all bathed in light. With my feelings forever unchanging,
Now, though I walk a different path, I have your smile that you left me long before.
Hiding the wavering in my heart, from time to time I tread a separate path.

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