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Yakumo Ran


I may sound like a hopeless fan, but I’m super excited to get a response from Shikimi after I told her I loved her artwork :D, she is the artist of the two pictures featured above, and I would encourage you to visit her site, or her pixiv.

Kagome Kagome, Kago no Naka no Tori wa, itsu itsu de-yaru? ushiro no shoumen dare?
It is only whenever I see the flowers, that my melancholy breaks.

八雲・藍/ Yakumo Ran – it’s the title of the post. Why? who knows. I like her name? Her surname is shared with Koizumi Yakumo/Lafcadio Hearn – who was a writer that went to Japan and became a citizen, writing many books on ghost stories and the like – he was also a bit crazy and a bit dark. – A great choice of a name if you concider 八雲・紫/ Yakumo Yukari :) – So the title of the post is like this, because one day I think it would be awesome to do stuff that he did, and I like writing :)

My copy of Glorious Revolution #03 came in the mail today!!!
I finished reading Toradora ch1 in the very early hours of the morning!
I read through half of my Classical Japanese Textbook!
I got a second job!~
I found my good scanner (the one that can see in between the pixels in a photograph)!
A friend from high school randomly text’d me during lunch!!
What an eventful day.

–too… tired… to finish… post… *dies*
(next day)

So, I finally finished that Toradora chapter. Learned a whole new onslaught of words that will help me in basically describing how a beastly tiger (Taiga) might take down and maul a little white rabbit (Ryuuji) o.o ; The most amusing part of it all is when Ryuuji bumps into Taiga. You might remember this as a couple of seconds in the first episode if you watched the anime – There’s full on seven pages devoted to this scene in the book. He goes, oh well, I’m going to go sit out in the bathroom so I don’t have to listen to the people chattering about how scared they are of me. *bump* Huh… what was that? *looks around* am I imagining things? “Where’s the I’m sorry? D:<” huh…? *looks around, looks up like he’s afraid he’s being haunted or something, looks down* what is that… a… doll? *Taiga looks up at him with angry eyes and Ryuuji goes rigid, gets scared shitless, loses his hearing and then faints, looks around and sees that some other people have fallen over too, and tries to figure out what the hell just happened, does the little fist in hand thing about the “handheld tiger” term saying to himself that whoever came up with that term was a genius, Minori walks over and he thinks – f***.* – and that’s it in a highly compressed nutshell. – I’m enjoying it, so I’m going to keep reading. If I’m feeling up to it I may alternate, read a chapter of Toradora, maybe read a chapter of something else like Haruhi so I can “balance.”

I’m going to go ahead and translate Glorious Revolution #03, it has only a few pages with text on them, so compared to the other two it’s going to be very easy ^^.

My supervisor at work gave me these and I thought they were amusing:

Haiku for the Harried – Windows error message Haiku


A file that big?
It might be very useful.
But now it is gone.

The Web site you seek
Cannot be located, but
Countless more exist.

Chaos reigns within.
Reflect, repent, and reboot.
Order shall return.

ABORTED effort:
Close all that you have worked on.
You ask far too much.

Windows NT crashed.
I am the Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.

Yesterday it worked.
Today it is not working.
Windows is like that.

First snow, then silence.
This thousand-dollar screen dies
So beautifully.

With searching comes loss
And the presence of absence:
“My Novel” not found.

The Tao that is seen
Is not the ture Tao — until
You bring fresh toner.

Stay the patient course.
Of little worth is your ire.
The network is down.

A crash reduces
Your expensive computer
To a simple stone.

Three things are certain:
Death, taxes, and lost data.
Guess which has occured.

You step in the stream,
But the water has moved on.
This page is not here.

Out of memory.
We wish to hold the whole sky,
But we never will.

Having been erased,
The document you’re seeking
Must now be re-typed.

Serious error.
All shortcuts have disappeared.
Screen, Mind, Both are blank.