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Koumakyou Before Days

Stripe Pattern's Gungnir (Kyoumakyou Before Days Series)

Stripe Pattern (Simadoriru) ‘s New Koumakyou Before Days “Gungnir” is Coming for Comiket 76!!!!!!!!!

Preview pictures here.
I believe that it’ll either be the story of Remilia Scarlet (most likely), Flandre Scarlet, or both of them – one because Remilia’s plastered all over the place, and two because there’s a nice blunt Mrs. UN Owen reference. Plus if you’ve noticed, Gungnir is the lance of Odin (stolen by Loki from the dwarves in reparations to Thor for cutting his wife Sif’s hair), and Lævateinn is a wooden weapon of Loki’s, used by Flandre ostentatiously, locked away for its incredible power.

Text from the preview pictures:

This spear requires a great strength to balance
that you may think who ever would throw it “dim”,
but it will never fail to pierce through its mark.

-From the tale in which Loki sheared Sif’s golden hair

Stripe Pattern Presents #11
The story of Touhou-Koumakyou Before days.

The wise ones of old once said,
Those who are weak be eaten, those with strength feed upon them,
Righteousness in the hands of the strong!

If that be, shall I run wild to my hearts’ content?

From time to time whilst resting my wings,
sucking and sipping up blood like a vampire,
watching the faces of those afraid of me is the best.
I see a delicious wine, waiting for me to wring it out.

Nine little Indian boys set up very late
One overslept himself
and then there were eight.

Since I am so wonderfully invincible,
and furthermore have been able to manipulate fates,

I was the most “dim” of all.

Stripe Pattern Presents #11
The story of Touhou-Koumakyou Before days.
I have no wish to be able to grant.
↑ ↓
But I can’t redeem her.

Furthermore, it’s in full color, and hardcover. How am I going to get my hands on that!? Probably going to have to proxy buy it via toranoana, the DAY it comes out. D: Speaking of Koumakyou Before Days, I’m still waiting on Glorious Revolution #03 to come to me in the mail – it should be coming sometime this week. Still sitting on translated scripts for both of the Glorious Revolution issues that I do have – I hope I’ll be able to introduce more of Stripe Pattern’s awesome works to the English speaking world… I’m still a bit surprised, but very interested about the fact that it’s going to be a full color work, being 52 pages and all, plus we’ve already seen from Simadoriru that he’s an awesome artist.

I would be done with reading Toradora ch1 by now if I didn’t have to ferry my sister around all morning D:<
I just got a second job too – so now I’m going to be more busy D:

I’m still listening to Cagayake! Girls via Trap Nagato – Yes… Still.