Toradora, Mahjong, and Neko

Shut up, troublesome.

I finally started reading Toradora seriously, and I’m hoping that I’m going to finally get through an entire light novel volume for once. – For those who don’t know what Toradora is, it’s the best thing ever. A romantic comedy that in an emotional way is very “real”. I mean we don’t often see little girls with such a fury as Taiga, but everything else is … surprisingly realistic – especially compared to other “romantic comedies” that for the most part are weak fabrications taking advantage of a “plot device”. Toradora made me cry – and it’s good. Even the Toradora soundtrack makes me very tingly >.>

Even so his glance was exceedingly bad, so bad it’s not even funny. He had lifted Sanpaku Eyes.
Sanpaku eyes literally means that there is three times as much white between both eyes as one iris, which makes you look like you’re staring at people all the time – and it makes you look scary. There’s actually a page here (in Japanese) which describes the affliction and shows how you can minimize it. (I could have transcribed a funnier line I suppose, but I had to go on a little research trip once I saw the word Sanpaku-gan so I decided on that.

Well I read all the way to the half-way point of chapter 1 today (26 pages) – which comes to something like 15-20 minutes per page, which is kind of slow, but when I think back to the time it took me like 3 hours to tackle one page (and 1.5 months to finish a chapter) – I feel very relieved at my progress… I never get tired of saying how much I like the style in which Japanese is written, because it differs so much from English – in a good way; everything becomes much more entertaining. Inko-chan for one is funnier, more like a mentally strained bird on crack… lol, and Yasuko… So far I haven’t really picked up a book where I haven’t loved the sarcastic narrator, but then again I haven’t read much. Kara no Kyoukai probably won’t have a sarcastic narrator – and I really want to read that :) One step at a time though, I really want to finish Toradora vol.1 before I do anything else.

I’ve also gotten to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (4/7) on my quest to finish re-reading Harry Potter in time for the new movie. I’m both blessed and cursed with the worst memory ever, so even after reading these books for like the 7th or so time, my memory is still fuzzy enough to make it fun, though as I’m getting older and thinking more rationally as an adult it’s hard to be completely enraptured, my mind aligned with Harry Potter’s as it was when I first read it (I read every book when I was within 1 year of his age – at least for the earlier books) – and find myself thinking a lot more like Professor McGonagall and even Snape sometimes than the protagonists, and I think Dumbledore’s completely off his rocker XD. So you have my current reading ventures.

My Glorious Revolution #03 doujinshi is on it’s way and I’m really excited about it; I wonder if Remilia will turn up? Mahjong’s going along nicely – I play Touhou Mahjong really whenever I want to kill time or am not too busy – it’s so fun! – I need to improve of course, in real play you don’t have the convenient computer telling you when it’s possible to riichi,pon,kan etc, you have to look out for it yourself – at least with the game though, I’m getting fairly consistant wins, though it comes close sometimes. Right before I finished out with this great win :D (it was on a devil’s wait too) I was only 400 points ahead in the second to last round. In fact I shot from just barely in 3rd place to in 1st place pulling down 2nd into the negative and 4th. – I’m playing with O-rin, Remilia, and Wriggle from time to time. O-rin’s a kitty, so – she wins. – I’m continually updating the Japanese Mahjong page as well, so hopefully it will be done before, well people actually find it.

Devil's Wait

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