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Glorious Revolution and 神綺


So anyway, I’ve spent most of my free day today eating, fretting about finances, and translating Glorious Revolution #02. Simadoriru’s got a new amazing looking picture on his website of Komeiji Satori – the great DJ and ruler of Pandaemonium in Touhou. 盛り上がっていますね! I also finally got confirmation that my copy of Glorious Revolution #03 has made it safe and sound to its first stop on its trip to me in Japan at the goody-japan proxy service. I’m really excited to read it. Wah~ at this point I really am a fan. Anyway, just to say – I’ve seen a lot of those jlpt2 structures wandering around when I’m translating stuff, so if not for the merit of the actual test, it’s really beneficial to study for it – I’ll have a nice organized page up for it soon I hope. For that, and for mahjong – though maybe if you just watch Saki enough you’ll figure it all out by eye – or not. I’ll also add in stuff for 3-player mahjong, because that comes in handy.

Well anyway, my determination bent, and then broke, so I’m also waiting on a cute nendroid Itoshiki Nozomu figure (which sold out just as I ordered it) – and a Remilia figure (because she’s my idol) but Remi won’t come till around Christmas, so – it’s like I ordered my Christmas present already and it’s not time for Christmas in July even yet >.> – that along with leases and all that other junk shows me that unfortunately around the time you break twenty you’ve got to know what’s going to happen months upon months and years from now. I hate that. Especially because it’s hard to know if you’ll still be eating that far from now.

Well I encourage you all to check Simadoriru out at his circle Stripe Pattern:

Also, because I always have to have a disproportionate amount of Touhou stuff in my posts, I was playing Mystic Square the other day, and Shinki (神綺) has been on my nerves for quite a while. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Mystic Square, it has great music, Alice Margatroid and solo Yuki are some of my most favorite boss fights, with Yuki reminding me strangely of Sakuya – but Yumeko is more annoying than fun, and I’m starting to get the feeling that the Master Spark exists in that game solely to pound Shinki into the ground – because she just won’t die. She has the same attack as Fujiwara Mokou, except it’s faster, and the spaces are smaller, with waving lasers and beams whipping back and forth with things flying at you, gah, it gets on my nerves. I’ll have to make a screen shot sometime and post it. Really though, that game is all about Alice – and that’s why it’s great :D

Somone was trying to get me back on Mabinogi, and I almost went – phew – close call.

Listening to “The Grimoire of Alice” by Pizuya’s Cell + MyonMyon

I really hope One Night Stand makes another issue of Advent Cirno :3 :)