Do the Marisa~!

Although weekends tend to be unfortunately a lot more busy than weekdays (people always want to come over and do stuff – am I a hikikomori for hating this? o.o; ) I was able to draw a picture of Alice Margatroid, and it was fun :) = I’m really not an artist but I am sort of proud of myself, especially since I haven’t drawn anything period since high school, and that’s been a while D:

The Hourai Dolls project is trotting right along; we’ve got a little bit of little side treat ready for release. YaY!
Oh, and actually Alice isn’t my favorite touhou character, but she’s somewhere in my top 10 – and I’m a MarisaXAlice Fan, and kind of a MarisaXReimu Fan, but not much of a PatchXMarisa fan :x. (Is it before the X or after the X where the uke falls? XD)


(~を)はじめ・(~を)はじめると = not only ~ but also ~; ~ among other things
Not only do youkai, but also vampires and non-human magicians dwell in Gensoukyou.

~(は)ともなく(として) = irregardless of ~
Marisa, though while she can use magic, she’s not a (non-human) “magician”.

~ば~ほど = the more ~ the more ~ (as one goes up, so does the other)
The more love you put in, the stronger master spark gets.

~反面(はんめん)・~半面(はんめん) = on the other side, on one side
Although on one end, Kazami Yuka’s always smiling kindly, she’s freaking dangerous.

~べき・~べきだ = should – (note するべき becomes すべき)
When leaping forward towards the full moon, you should be careful of cliffs.

~べきではない = shouldn’t
You shouldn’t talk about Reimu’s balls or any other unnecessary things.

(~より)他(は)ない・~他仕方がない = only~, just~ (there is no other way)

Since you can’t depend on anyone there’s nothing but to do it yourself.

~ほど・~ほどだ・~ほどの = to the extent that ~
There were so many hungry Yuyuko’s appearing that it was just like out of a zombie movie.

~ほど~はない = (nothing) is as ~ as ~
There are few things as dangerous as playing with Flandre.

~ほど~ = as one changes so does the other
Unrelated to the power of their abilities, ones that are as weak as they are stupid definitely are out there.

~まい・~まいか = negative volitional (probably not, will not – expresses a will to not do something)
That small earthquake is continuing… well, if it’s not due to Ten-ko then I don’t think a bit one will hit.

~向きだ・向きに・向きの = suitable for ~
That watermelon sword surprisingly is very fitting for Cirno.

~向けだ・向けに・向けの = made for, bound for
That Remilia PVC figure is bound for overseas.
That cell phone was made for the Selecao.

~もかまわず (構わず)= regardless of ~
There are people that will make danmaku regardless of the trouble they cause people.

~も~なら~も~・~も~ば~も~ = neither ~ nor ~; both ~ and ~
Since Reimu often drinks sake and smokes, I’m worried about her health.

~もの = because ~ (give a reason to an explanation)
Yeah I can make it alone. ~ Yeah it’s alright, I’ve got a map.

~ものか = by no means, not at all
Like Sanae has any belief whatsoever…

~ものがある = feel like~
This melody feels like it’s pulling me in, and locking me inside. ~kagome kagome~

~ものだ・~ものではない =
A: show admiration; grief; a heartfelt feeling
B: express something as common sense
C: suggest something; give a light command
D: remember a past happening or occurance
When that crazy accident happened you really helped me out.
During Ten-ko’s earthquakes, everyones panicking all over the place.
Listen to people when they’re talking to you.
Around when Marisa was Loli-sa, she was uber interested in magic and explosions.

~ものだから = because (give a reason or excuse)
You see an accident happened so the train was late, but I’m sorry for being late all the same.

~ものなら = if ~(wish for something unattainable; tell someone that it is impossible)
お賽銭ができるものなら例大祭を始めたい。 (できた!)
If I could just get SOME donations, then I’d like to start an annual festival. (IT HAPPENED! [reitaisai])

~ものの = though ~
I got a drivers license, but I can’t buy a car. T.T

~やら~やら = and ~ among other things
Since I’m going back home I’ve got to make plane ticket reservations and by souvenirs and stuff like that so I’m really busy.

~ようがない・~ようもない = no way to ~ ~=verb-stem (this is where しょうがない comes from.)
No matter what the time you never really know where Yukari Yakumo is, so she’s impossible to contact.

~ような・~ように = like ~
._. ; I’ve used this already like 500,000 times. So I’m not going to make up another one.

— HA, MA, and YA rows COMPLETE — (only WA row left)

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