Bad Apple!

Well anyway, I’ve caught up to the most recent episode of Eden of the East and I have to say that the show is amazing. It’s knocking on the door to my top 5 list, but I’m not sure if it’s long enough for me to let it up there, well perhaps the final episode will change my mind. – Now later I’m going to compile all my jlpt posts and make a jlpt study page, as well as correct any mistakes I may have made, because there’s bound to be some.

Time to relax, play some Touhou, Touhou Mahjong, listen to Masayoshi Minoshima, and maybe read Harry Potter again.



~わけがない・~わけわない = no reason for~ / no need for ~ / ~ would be stupid,useless
There’s no reason for Cirno to be fighting Yukari. (Unless it’s Advent Cirno and Advent Yukari of course)

~わけだ = state a reason why something is / it means that ~ (if ~ is a noun/na-adj use “という” or “である”)
Given the space time continuum, the power to manipulate time translates as well into the power to manipulate space and intervals.

~わけではない・~わけでもない = it doesn’t mean that ~
Although he’s always worrying about money, it’s not like he’s broke.

~わけにはいかない・~わけにもいかない = mustn’t/must (if ~ is negative) (no, it’s not ikenai. it IS ikanai.) [usually has to do with some sort of obligation, moral or otherwise – and it’s “personal” so you can’t use it to give a command.]
I can’t go freeze frogs with you Cirno.
“Sanae, wanna go play?” No, I’m sorry I can’t – I’ve got to protect the shrine… Even if someone like Reimu’s always staring off into space, at least she protects her shrine, and I can’t lose to that. “But, she’s coming too…”

~わり(に)は = although ~; In spite of ~
Though the flowers bloom beautifully by the light of the moon, when the sun rises they fall to the ground.

~をきっかけとして・~をきっかけにして = lit: as an impetus = through~ by~ (something happens unexpectedly through a “chance” encounter) (~ must be a noun)
Travelling to Gensoukyou, it made me think about various things in relation to my own world.

~を契機(けいき)として・~を契機に(して) = since ~ (because a thing happened, a big change has occured) (~ must be a noun)
Ever since the oil shock, research into alternative energy has advanced.

~をこめて = full of ~; loaded with ~ (~ must be a noun)
Full of love, the hakkero-reactor’s master spark was very powerful.

~を中心として・を中心にして = be at the center of ~; be the focus of ~ (~ must be a noun)
Many shops gather in Gensoukyou centered around the shrines.

~を通(つう)じて・~をとお通じて = throughout~, via~ through~ (~ must be a noun)
Throughout Gensoukyou there are youkai and fairies.
When you use Tengu, letters are quick as a form of communication.

~を~とした・~を~として・~を~とする = as~ (~ must be a noun)
Keine is very good as a history teacher.

~を問わず = regardless of~ (~ must be a noun)
Regardless of their true ages, Remilia, Flandre, and Sakuya are cute and moe.

~をはじめ・~をはじめすると = not only~ but also ~; ~among other things (~ must be a noun)
Sakuya’s not only good at fighting, but also at cooking among other things.

~をめぐって・~をめぐる = circulate ~; around ~ (~ must be a noun)
When you look at the hell youkai of Gensoukyou, truly fascinating beings exist.

~をもとに・~をもとにして = based on ~ (~ must be a noun)
With Sanae’s crowd at the heart of it, two serious events have occurred.

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