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Tornadoes and Touhou Mahjong Epic Win!

So the tornadoes came and knocked down trees and stuff and our power – and I was sad ;-; – but nothing serious happened, and in the time that I played on my computer waiting for power to come back while my battery was dying and all that stuff, I got far in Touhou Mahjong (the main storyline) and beat it completely when the power came back on :D ; in the process I also got my first ever Yakuman :D – Shousuushi: 小四喜 – which led to my awesome win of +84! :D

Everyone go check Dekiagari’s Ima Made Arasuji MAD vid-translation: it’s excellently done and well everything is much more funny when you know what’s going on :D


~に伴い・~に伴う・~に伴って = as ~; with ~; (accompanying; following) (happens at the same time)
When the population increased, various problems came up.
Along with earthquakes, fires spring up often.
Upon saying the magic words and pouring in your love, the hakkero cannon will emit a pulse of master spark.

~に反し・~に反した・~に反して・~に反する = against; contrary to ~=[noun]
Contrary to her being a shrine maiden, she doesn’t hold any faith whatsoever herself.

~に他ならない = there is no doubt that
Although Remi and Fran are around 500 years old, there’s no doubt that they’re loli-(tastic).

~にもかからず = however, though (lit: without relation to)
Although Sakuya has the ability to manipulate time (and space), she still has lost from time to time.

~に基づいて、・~に基づいた・~に基づき・~に基づく  = on the basis of (~ must be a noun)
Given her ability, it’s entirely possible that Sakuya is misrepresenting her age.

~によって・~によっては・~により・~による = by~ / depending on~ (A: to show the subject of an action, B: to show a cause or reason, C: show a method or way, D: to show a difference between, E: to show a specific condition)
Mima was defeated by Reimu.
Reimu is irritated by her shrine’s poverty, but she never does anything about it.
Rather than fighting over it, let’s resolve this through a danmaku match.
Customs vary from country to country. (vary by country)
When this medicine (is taken) by humans, it produces the effect of one having a dream where one becomes a butterly and floats through the air. (Alice likes this medicine for some reason ^.^ )

~によると・~によれば = according to~ (~=noun)
According to the Bunbunmaru Shinbun, Marisa seems to have stolen the precious thing and left.

~にわたった・~にわたって・~にわたり・~にわたる(渡る) = ranging from ~; covering ~; lasting ~; extending over ~
Pache, due to her cough, was unable to speak a single charm for an entire week.

~ぬきで・~ぬきに(は)・~ぬきの・~(を)ぬきにして(は)・はぬきにして = without
Winning without a continue in Touhou is very difficult.

~ぬく(抜く)= do (one’s best) till the end
途中、失敗もありましたが、なんとか加奈子(かなこ)が倒せて「Mountain of Faith」をやりぬくことできました。
On the way I screwed up a lot, but finally I was somehow able to defeat Kanako, and complete Mountain of Faith. (in easy mode ;-;)

~のみならず = not one ~ but also; besides ~; moreover
Syameimaru Aya is not only a photographer, but also a newspaper editor.

~のもとで・~のもとに = owing to ~ (基?)
Owing to the teachings of a turtle, Reimu obtained the ability to soar through the sky~. (no joke)

な ROW 完成~!!

~ばかりか・~ばかりではなく = not only ~
Gensoukyou isn’t all just people with crazy abilities, there are normal humans there too.

~ばかりに = because of~; on account of~ (show regret because of it)
Because I lied, my lover got upset at me ;-;