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I was just thinking, Remilia has an awesome lifestyle.

Who can say no to a beautiful maid, a beautiful red mansion, an excuse to stay out of the sun and drink tea all day?

Writers Block – Grimm Question

What was my favorite fairy tale as a child?
Rather than .. Grimms Fairy Tales…
I think around that time I was more infatuated with the tale of the hobbit rather than anything else – I rather liked tales of elves and forest creatures than princes and princesses. I liked anything that would start to scare me. – In fact I liked elves a lot. A people that would have fun all day and do nothing without sheer enjoyment and singing? Around that time I was always finding myself up a tree anyway :3 (My parents were furious whenever they found me of course)
On another note – google chrome seriously disagrees with livejournal.
“I strongly wish for your continuation as our savior” or more simply “Please continue being a Messaiah”
^Phrase from Eden of the East that Juiz says a lot. knowing classical Japanese comes in handy here.
救世し-(す-連用形)+たら(たり-未然形)+ん(む-連体形)+こと = (your) probable continuation of (your) unfinished role as (our) savior.
] <- WRONG!!! – after learning more Classical Japanese and hearing the phrase more clearly etc, etc.. it’s this.
That you from this time forth as well shall be (as in qualification or role) the messiah.
^- it’s a nuance yes, but it’s a nice nuance :D
And with a ridiculously long hiatus ended…
JLPT 2 Study!
~こそ・~からこそ = emphasis particle – it replaces whatever particle was there before; こそcomes after a noun, からこそ after everything else. – だからこそ is common as well.
I’m not going to forget to study for the JLPT this time!
That’s even more reason (to believe) that it’s a bad idea (lit: it’s serious) to underestimate that guy.
~ことか = I wonder; quite; surely – it is very common to hear “ittai” in a sentence that ends with ことか
I wonder just what is the life of a hakutaku like I wonder?
So you were played?
Seems like she studied three full days without sleeping a second.
~ことに(は) “to my ~” (strengthens sense of feeling) usually “to my surprise”
To my surprise, she saw me as a lover.
Today, you know, to my surprise, while I was staring at a sunflower – I noticed a bunny staring back at me. o.o (true story)
~ことになっている = be supposed to (shows an appointment etc.) – this is supposed to take place – this is going to happen etc.
This saturday I’m going to go eat sushi with some friends. (not much of an “appointment” XD)
Next week I’ve got twice as much work for me to do. (With the assumption that this is assigned work and I don’t have control over it)
~ことはない = there’s no need to ~
Can’t you do it yourself? There’s no need to call Sakuya.
There’s no reason to hurry.

~際[さい](は)・~際[さい]に = when, upon
Just because you’re tenpai doesn’t necessarily mean you should declare a riichi (right off the bat).
If you eat whenever you’re a little bit hungry, you’ll get fat.

~最中(さいちゅう)だ・~最中に = in the midst of, during
When you’re in the midst of studying (after finally getting yourself to do it) it’s really easy to get irritated.

~さえ・~でさえ = even (with one example as an “extreme condition”) – cancels out が and を
He can’t even make rice, are you serious?
It was an injury so severe that she couldn’t move a finger.

~さえ~ば = if only~
What would you plan to do if only had the money to do so?
If only you’d just sit down and listen you’d understand!

~ざるを得ない = can’t help but do (comes from classical conjugation “zari”)
Whenever Sakuya looks a Remilia being “too cute” she can’t keep her nose from bleeding.
Truely, whenever anyone looks at Cirno, they can’t help but saying “idiot”. ^w^
I can’t help but drink diet cola (coke).

~しかない = (I hope you know this by now :x – “only”)
We have no choice but to drink all this sake :3

~次第(しだい) = as soon as (after a noun or verb stem)
As soon as you drop your cell phone into salt water… ah… there’s nothing to do but cry.
As soon as you’ve decided, contact me
As soon as we’re done with work, you want to go drinking?

~次第だ・~次第で(は) = show a reason, details. when you want to show the result of something, or “depending on” something
太った!(._.) 毎日アイスを食べ次第かも知れない。
I got fat !! ;-; It’s probably the result of me eating ice cream everyday…
There are people that think everything in the world is based on/the result of money.

~上(じょう)は・~上の・~上も = From the standpoint of – or like “historically” – ie. it’s usually in front of a chinese based word – (otherwise you’d use “ue” pronounciation)
In Kyoto there are a lot of historically famous temples.
There are a lot of people that think in terms of overseas travel, Western Europe is the best

~(た)末(すえ)に・(た)末の・~(の)末(に)= after~ (for a long time)
After thinking for a long time, even though there were only 4 tiles left, I declared a riichi, and I Kaitei Tsumo’d!
After sleeping a long time – it’s really hard to get up.

~せいか・~せいだ・~せいで = it’s YOUR FAULT. (because of this, on account of this etc. result being “bad”.)
It’s your fault I fell down the stairs!
I thought I heard someone crying… Was it just my imagination? ← Common Expression.
Because I drank too much coffee? I can’t sleep at all… (also common v+no sei ka)