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Rin-Chan!! Rin-rin-rin-rin-rin-rin-rin….

(Her hi-score ron image is a bit cuter, but I’ve failed to snapshot a good one yet.) And that is all.

— (Or Not)

Rin Kaenbyou (O-Rin) has usurped Wriggle Nightbug as my favorite character to play as on Touhou Mahjong. Her ability has nothing to do with it, because when I play – 95% of the time abilities are turned off – it’s because as you can see she’s cute :D (\o/ Kitties) – Even after playing 50+ games (and I’m at least decent at this point) I haven’t gotten a yakuman yet ;-; – but I’ve gotten most of the non-yakuman yaku at least once.

I’m looking for more excuses to immerse myself in Touhou Lore, so my other activities are getting a bit distracted – work is so slowly null that I can’t think of doing something as slow paced as reading Toradora right now – so it’s been put on hold till next week (I still plan to read the entire thing in a week… >.>) At least I’ve got my hands on some nice caffiene so my sleep sickness might be put at bay – I blame the fact that I don’t have a proper bed. – and not having kitties to snuggle me :3

I have to note that the LJ advertisement to the right features women’s armpits. Is the waki miko fad coming to the English speaking world?

Everyone vote for Toradora and Touhou characters in Saimoe!

Touhou Doujinshi Circles that I’m currently interested in.