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Yui/Ui Team!

Yeah so my mum so totally broke my car while I was gone. Parents always do things like that. Always. She was flipping the sun blocker thingy back and forth and back and forth because she’s got sensitive eyes or something, and broke it off the hinges, so now it hangs down right in front of my eyes. I had to duct-tape it to the roof because I couldn’t see anything. She had better get it fixed T^T. She paid for most of it so I don’t really have a right to get mad, but I am annoyed (in a cute way). Hopefully the duct tape will cold.

I love K-ON by the way. Everyone’s on about Mio being "moe" this and "moe" that etc. o.O – I think not… She’s pretty and has some cute quirks – but I think everyone only likes her because she’s got big breasts and acts embarassed all the time (a guy’s fantasy? O.o?) – Yui’s my favorite by far though, by FAR – or maybe really the Yui/Ui team. I’ve got to respect Tsumugi because I promote lesbians :3 – and Ritsu’s a nice Tsukkomi XD – but … Yui’s so cute and stupid she reminds me of a puppy. Ui’s like the cat (or duck?) that takes care of it. (Maybe it’s a weird metaphor but that’s the way my mind works)

I’m going to go get my work schedule and what not today. I’m – well I’m not really thrilled, but it’ll be nice to make some money. I’m playing touhoumon – and it’s awesome. I think it might be fun to play Kingdom Hearts – and also finish up reading all my stuff. Ah, but summer’s short – I need to start counting down the days before next semester starts. D:

[Begin geek aside]
I decided not to try out windows 7 because it doesn’t have an update feature – and also because I think that the people that bash windows Vista just don’t know what they’re talking about. I have Vista and I like it :D : Everyone just needs to magically become more computer efficient and everything will be fine. Windows really is the best operating system out there, a lot better than mac – and more practical than linux (for somethings, linux has its wonderful uses) – and I’ve come to the conclusion that the best software for mac is Java, because well even though Java in general sucks – it only sucks compared to the wonderful efficiency of windows and linux, mac programs are just on a whole ‘nother level of bad. :D – I hear about peoples’ mac’s breaking all the time too – and my computer never breaks. It never crashes either, which is mac’s main ad campaign – a computer will crash if you don’t take care of it, in my opinion – an operating system can only take you so far. Another thing people don’t realize that computers nowadays aren’t really meant to last – now I suppose that’s disappointing, but well since technology is still accelerating it doesn’t really make since to keep a computer that’s really old – even though I do. Old computers are so durable! You can like kick them around and they’re fine! – I guess durability is the cost of things weighing a little bit less. Still, even though my computer’s a bit scuffed up shall we say, and has a tiny tear in the screen, (not noticeable to most people, but it does get on my nerves from time to time when I notice it) my computer is absolutely wonderful. Its windows vista and all. I have another really poor on the hardware scale computer that runs ubuntu reasonably well too – nice combination. They never have failures! Only problem I can think of is when one of my programs messed up the direct show/sound configuration for a bit and I had trouble getting my sound to work in that one program – yes it was distressing, but I was able to easily fix it in the end without having to do anything drastic. All I hear from mac people is that if something goes wrong they have to send it to the mac store, pay a couple hundred dollars, and then get it back – I’m WAY too poor for that and I don’t have parents that will pay frivolous expenses.
[End geek aside]
Basically Windows > Mac & Linux > Mac & for completely unrelated reasons in a good number of areas: Windows > Linux :D

Finally Home!

I’m home! I’m finished! – Time to sleep for a month. Apparently I start work the day after tomorrow. I’m going to try to try to install windows 7 tomorrow – it might be fun. Maybe I shouldn’t risk it? Iunno. I’ll continue my Japanese studies and jlpt2 stuffs of course – but now I’m finally free and don’t have any work at all besides clerical stuff and to learn Japanese 24/7 \o/ – and play like… Kingdom Hearts ^.^

Time to sleep – no more updates for now.

Oh and when I say home, I mean it in a nomadic sense, because I don’t even have a room, or a bed. I’ve just got a roof to stay under, internet to use, and food to steal :D

Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush~!

My Asian Studies Project is due in less than 20 hours – dash dash dash dash dash!!!!

My Japanese Project is done – and it’s more important, but … a whole project in less than a day!? Can I do it!? ”Found another Japanese Artist on twitter – actually to be more specific I found them via IOSYS Album Art, but well, I found their twitter account. ”I’ve got 2 jobs lined up for the summer at a community college – should be good :D ”I’ve got to study more Japanese (jlpt2 and such) O.O – I’ll finally get the chance to do so in depth once class ends. Then I can read all those books!! ”Time to use power point… haven’t used that program since junior high o.o;;


Just to give you a small idea of the joy that I have in finishing my Japanese Video Project, here’s the AVS (Avisynth Script) file used to build it.

#Load Plugins
LoadPlugin("C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\optional plugins\awarpsharp\awarpsharp.dll")

#Load Source Audio
aud001=DirectShowSource("opening2.wav") #opening.wav is creepier, opening2.wav is more old soap-opera

#Load Source Video
dv=DirectShowSource("Clip 01-x.mp4")

#Load Source Images (s=simple slide,a=alpha slide)
s001=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\Slides0001.png",end=195,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #About an Hour goes By
s002=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\Slides0002.png",end=90,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #At 8 in the Library – with a silver knife.
s003=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\Slides0003.png",end=90,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Philosophy is So in a Different Classroom
s004=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\Slides0004.png",end=90,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Math Class
s005=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\Slides0005.png",end=90,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Somewhere at University
s006=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\Slides0006.png",end=90,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #A little bit later
s007=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\Slides0007.png",end=90,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Cast!
s008=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0001.png",end=180,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Cast (Formal)
s009=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0002.png",end=180,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Staff
s010=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0003.png",end=90,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Director (None)
s011=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0004.png",end=180,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Special Thanks
s012=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0005.png",end=90,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #And You.
s013=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0006.png",end=100,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Preview!
s014=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0007.png",end=100,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Next Time!
s015=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0008.png",end=100,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #NAI
s016=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0009.png",end=420,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Hontou ni Arigatai!
s017=AudioDubEx(ImageSource("Slides\act-staff0010.png",end=180,fps=29.970),sil).converttoyv12() #Ongaku

dv=dv.initial_pp() #initial post processing


c013=dv.trim(22152,22919) #note inconsistency with a slide
c013t2=dv.trim(22974,23721) #<- take 01 is better
c014=dv.trim(24087,26150) #end with a slide effect if possible
c023SPECIAL=dv.trim(34223,34300) #<-cleaning lady
c022t2=dv.trim(33826,33950) #<- use frame 33899 specifically for a freeze
c034=dv.trim(46075,46447) #<- note sudden appearance with sub
c035=dv.trim(46585,46710) #Jennifer Introduction!
c036=dv.trim(46755,46881) #Hana Introduction!
c037=dv.trim(46918,47032) #Jordan Introduction!
c038=dv.trim(47050,47157) #Philosophy Teacher Introduction!
c039=dv.trim(47211,47360) #"The other guy" Introduction!
c040=dv.trim(47392,47548) #The magical coat Introduction!
c041=dv.trim(47580,47729) #The girlfriend Introduction!
c042=dv.trim(47748,48070) #Math Teacher Introduction!
c051=dv.trim(53396,53738) #same as 54



#Final Merge

#Final Post Processing

#Return Video

function initial_pp(clip c)
#c=c.Convolution3D(0,6,10,6,8,2.8,0) #(LQ DV)
 c=c.AWarpSharp(16.0,4,0.5,2) #High Processing Version of Default
 return c
function final_pp(clip c)
 c=c.Convolution3D(0,32,128,16,64,10,0) #(VHS)
 return c
function hana_zoom(clip c)
 return c.lanczos4resize(640,480,60,0,580,435)

Angels and Demons

Phew, I’ve survived. I was able to scrape a B for my final paper for one of my classes. Also got a B in one of my other classes, and got an A for my English class.

I watched Angels and Demons in the Cinema today, and I thought it was pretty good – I’m going to have to read the book now ^^.

Ugh – I’m really scared about my Japanese Final Project. I really want to get an A in that class, but my "acting" and "speech" in the film was most definitely sub par. I’m only a borderline A and it’s all too common for my grades to plummet near the end of the semester – ugh I just want it to end T.T

In the end, all I really need is a lot of sugar and a lot of caffeine *munches on coffee beans* – Let’s get this stuff done!! I’ll make up my horrible speech capabilities through my jlpt2 studies while listening to Touhou music!!

Super Marisa World and MegaMari!

So yesterday I found something out that I probably shouldn’t have had in this race around finals. Sure it’ll help with my project and that’s how I’m going to pitch it, but in finding out about the various games: Super Marisa World, Super Marisa Land, MegaMari, Touhoumon, and the Touhou Mahjong game, I wasted a lot of time yesterday, around 7 hours I would guess. That does not bode well for me, on a schedule. I did finish in the nick of time the preview video for our Japanese Film Project – it’s awful – I will not share XD. Shortly there after I thought I’d take a break, because I made some excellent progress. That’s when I found out about the above games. Matching quite well with the Touhou tradition of impossibility, the games are ridiculously hard (except the Mahjong game, which I can’t find). I’ve made some progress with Super Marisa World, but the whole game itself sort of blows my mind, not just because it’s extremely hard, but it’s very puzzling, and require a LOT more time skill than my very much beloved game Super Mario World. (I believe I’ve lost it again actually, I might have to buy that game… again. Perhaps I’ll more easily find the gba version?) Anyway, Super Marisa Land is much more along the lines of Super Mario Land, but it’s the physics of the game that completely throw me off. You run at a very realistic pace (you still jump high as hell of course), and thus to jump over anything, you need to give yourself a very precise running start. Gah! It’s so difficult! Then perhaps my favorite, because it seems to work closer along the lines of original gameplay (albeit more complex) MegaMari. It’s based off of the Marisa-Alice-Patchouli triangle and MegaMan (RockMan) 2. You might YouTube a video of some guy playing through the entire game, and you’ll see that it’s definitely a step up from MegaMan 2, especially if you’re only human or a magical vampire like me. The worst of all eating up my time though was Touhoumon (I can’t remember the proper name for it, but you can find all you need to know with "Touhoumon") It’s basically a very intricate rom-hack of the Japanese Pokemon Fire Red, and all of the Pokemon are replaced by completely separate Touhoumon: Touhou Characters with all new sprites, movesets, ability levels, strengths and so on. The strategy is a bit out of whack as well which makes it feel like playing a completely different game. When you have fire/water types and electric/fire types and other such stuff that never comes up in Pokemon it’s pretty spectacular. Plus, you have to deal early on with HELL characters like Aya Syameimaru, Patchouli Knowledge (who learns moves across 5 different types) – Anyway, it’s hard to not get thoroughly trounced. Plus you’ll have situations where you’re about to fight Misty, and only have access to one small patch of ground, where it’s only probable to train fire types o.o; I spent way too much time on that game – so I’m going to try to hold out till summer (6 days) but hell, it brings back so many memories.

Ongoing with my utter wastes of time as the clock is ticking, I watched Shangri-la 6 – and the economic stuff (this is what they mean by an economic novel huh?) is kind of blowing my mind, but it also sort of helps with my project (in a way) for Touhou, where they get all up in about the bubble economy and Touhou Bubble. I understand it more now :D – It’s Hyper Economy at Full Speed!

Now time to play some MegaMari and then actually get some work done.