Touhou Mahjong 東方幻想麻雀

It’s so exciting O.o o.O

Screenshots and such, news and more later… – my laptop clock went super funny XD.

I’mma teach you all how to play Mahjong!!!

Touhou Mahjong – (Touhou Wiki Page)
Anyway – like I said – it’s absolutely amazing! – I can feel my mahjong power – increasing!! It’s over NINE THO- well not that much :3 The game takes quite a bit of strategy actually – especially when you add in the spell system thingy. Even though the spell card system is kind of like soft-core cheating, it adds a nice unique element of strategy, and it doesn’t take away from the mahjong – You hardly ever use spells yourself. The unique rules for each table also throw a nice wrench into the mix, forcing you to adjust your strategy so that it’s more dynamic. One of the bit’s that I really like – ( besides the beautiful artwork for some of the characters ) is that there’s no timer, so if you’re a bit slow still it doesn’t hurt you.

I’ve unlocked 3 extra stages at this point, giving me a grand total of 5 :D – and thus unlocked a good percentage of the 51 characters available. Unlike other mahjong games, I actually like the bgm quite a bit, so I’m listening to it right now ^^.

Earlier this morning / last night – I was planning on getting to sleep early, so that I could easily sleep earlier tonight, and thus not have a hard time staying awake on the job tomorrow (working 8am-9pm) however, when I kept checking my computer clock, it said that it was still between 11pm and 1am – I figured that I was going to go to sleep at 1am. – However, time passed and I noticed another clock say that it was around 3:30 am. In disbelief I checked back at my computer and this is what I saw.

Notice the bottom right hand corner D:

Anyway. Here are a few screenshots (disproportionately displaying Sakuya and Remilia because they are beautiful)

In the next post I can lay out the rules for Japanese Mahjong :D as well as how those rules aren’t exactly set in stone hence the many tables with different rulesets. – I promise I will not abandon you JLPT2 I promise!!

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