Pointless Post

The microwave is leaky~ My brain is frying~! D:
That’s how I feel at the moment orz
Tubecat… I want a cat <3
They’re changing 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー / Sohryu Asuka Langley to 式波・アスカ・ラングレー / Shikinami Asuka Langley O.o?

"Eyebrows have been raised at the steady rise in popularity several potentially Vocaloid inspired names have enjoyed in Japan’s baby naming; Ren (ranked 4th), Rin (7th), Kaito (13th) and most notably Miku (up to 24th from 50th last year)."

My roommate turned off the lights… just now, for no reason whatsoever – … is she trying to make me blind or something? – I’ve never wanted to be a murderer more in my life. (I just heard her mumble, stoned: I lost my car~) (Wikipedia "Dude Where’s my Car?")

Flowering Night/Night of Nights – One of the best themes… ever.. especially because… Sakuya=咲夜=flower(ing)+night – Furthermore, I just learned that there’s an entire type of "MAD" compiled web videos based on having flowering night in the background. O.O – Awesome!

As firefox has exceeded 970mb of RAM – it needs to be restarted for my computer’s sanity. Therefore I must post, though it’s a bit unfinished :x

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm5552511 ←dual violin Flowering Night/Night of Nights + Piano Acc. O.O

Not that I think that I have really anyone looking at my journal – I’m doing a poll for fun. I do NOT like what’s her face: Konpaku Youmu, so she’s not included D:<

Touhou Character Poll (Minimized)

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