Updates about Lyrics and more!

Well my old flimsy book of lyrics has fallen into a bit of it’s own despair as it nears it’s journey to the end of its life – inevitably the trash can.

Creating a brand new organized one is going to be my new project, and I plan to be more organized about it all ^^ – I’ve decided to translate all of the lyrics to the EastNewSound disks (of which yet there are 2, including Lyrical Crimson). In a broad sweep of victory, I’m going to translate them in an excuse for "research" for one of my final papers (which is legitimate as long as all of it pertains to Touhou ^^). In addition, I just got a new batch of Megurine Luka songs that I’m excited about, and will take care of that as well. I’m currently reading, Spice and Wolf, trying to get back on scope with Mushishi (currently mid-way through the second volume) and I’m going to wait till I get the actual copies of Shugo Chara before continuing. I’ll bore you with synopsises of them when I have time, I’m planning on it!

Now, coming back from spring break and having to force my sleeping schedule back into whack, it’s all I can do to stay awake right now – I’m going to hate myself by the time Japanese class comes floating around – as I speak deliriously…. the paper-fan awaits me D:

I’m also thinking about constructing a small and somewhat simple guide to the japanese language -> sort of in a way following suit of guidetojapanese.org, and basing it off my own experiences, will it ever come into being? I dunno – but I think it would be fun to do.

I doubt that anyone is waiting for me to do anything, but perhaps a few people waiting for me to toil away on Mouryou no Hako until it is done.

However I suppose next season that’ll be different. This April two interesting looking series Eden of the East ( [preview found here: http://jadefansubs.wordpress.com/ – or if you understand japanese @ http://www.juiz.jp/%5D – and yes it’s the phone, not the gun that’s charged with 8.5 billion yen… I was hoping the editor would have understood that *facepalm*) and Shangri-la will start airing – and I will be working on both – hopefully, as well as reporting on them (with spoiler warning taggy thingys in places, or just no spoilers) before they’re released :p – Eden of the East looks like Japanese Bourne Identity + Terrorism + Male Nakedness!

Unguun… tired I say.

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