Flight on Tears / 美里 / Masayoshi Minoshima / Lyrics: Haruka – Lyrics and Translation (Trois Noir)

I beat a Touhou game without continues, extra lives, extra bombs, or anything special or remotely cheap !!! \o/ – I beat Mountain of Faith (on easy mode >.>) – Doesn’t matter – I’m still proud of my barely winning on 0 lives left and 0.0 power. I rejoiced, and it was just after I finished my paper for American History – it looks like I was being rewarded somehow for my efforts.

Well here’s another Touhou Arrangement, this time from the Trois Noir Album, it’s a pretty song, less … brutal than the last one – though maybe I like brutal, I might just have to do one of Flandre’s theme arrangements soon.

This is Aya Syameimaru’s theme btw (Syameimaru=official name/Shameimaru=alt)

I’m tired, I’m ready to sleep, but I didn’ t want to miss a day :p

Couple of translation challenges here, and plus I’m sleepy so I might edit it later: two words are used: shinjitsu and genjitsu which both have a similar meaning along the lines of truth and reality, so I picked one for each and assigned them, but think of them as a lot closer together. I also tried to fit everything in with the literal structure as much as possible without it sounding too weird, but I might revise it all the same after listening to the song a few more times.

Flight on Tears / 美里 / Masayoshi Minoshima / Lyrics: Haruka


Now my heart is swaying back and forth
For while I cannot see the future, I have only one answer


I want to see you, this is the truth – but in reality, will I not?
Though forever caught in this dilemma, I will surely spread my wings.


This bud continues to sleep in the wind
dreaming of the time when it will bloom
within these wings that want to embrace you
these thoughts are still far to reach you


The continually flowing wind passes this mountain
For then what I find here is my answer


I float along the wind alone – is this reality? In truth I spread my wings
While caught in this dilemma, I rise up upon the wind.


May these thoughts sway in the wind and reach out to you
I want to continue to believe that this flower will open
This girl dreaming in the wind
Within reality, finding truth

  1. January 8th, 2016

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