Artificial Children – Lyrics and Translation

So…. I was sick all yesterday and slept for about… 24 hours O.o (really it was 12 hours, up for 2 and then another 12 hours)  – I’m going to hope I’m better, given that I’ve got a lot of stuff to do. During that short time I was awake again I watched Rashomon (羅生門), pretty crazy film… I’m studying it for one of my classes, running through the original Buddhist tales, and then Akutagawa’s Rashomon (羅生門) and In a Grove (藪の中), and then finally Kurosawa’s film. If any of you haven’t seen either Rashomon or Seven Samurai I suggest you find them and watch them :D.

As for this song, I love it – it’s a Touhou arrangement done by ARM / IOSYS, based on the 3rd level theme of Mystic Square: Romantic Children (ZUN). It is also the first place that Alice Margatroid ever appears. Who has become somewhat of a famous character. Her skill is the manipulation of marionettes. If you youtube search “Artificial Children” I’m sure you’ll find a video accompanyment – you may also find a lot of other (probably non-lyrical) arrangements for “Romantic Children”. Enjoy :D – Many other lyrics can be found at the Touhou wiki.

Artificial Children [Lyrical version of Romantic Children]
Vocals: miko
Arrange: ARM
Lyrics: Yoshimi Youno
Circle: IOSYS
Album: 東方萃翠酒酔
Event: C72

不思議の不思議 命の無い
記号と希望 重なり合わせて
色と形 与えられたのは
青と紅 歪んだ心

Wonder of wonders – having no life
Model numbers and hope – overlapping
Color and shape – that has been given
Blue and crimson – a warped heart

無限の無限 私はどこ
刹那の刹那 瞼を閉じても
行方不明 信じた言葉は
空の後ろへ 捨てられ消えた

Forever and ever – where am I?
For a moment of a moment – even if I close my eyelids
Missing – those words I believed in
Behind the clouds – they were tossed away and disappeared

嗚呼 私に 私の 魂

Ah – to me – my own – my soul

人型よ 回る世界を見てる 瞳の奥に
憂いを 映す二つの歪な

In human form – I watch the world turn, within these eyes
Sadness – reflected in these two ovals

今生まれ 今眠る
Now I am born – Now I sleep

儚いこの世は 飯事のように 無常な入れ物

This fleeting world – like playing house – this unusual container

定めは定め 抗えない
出会いと別れ いつも繰り返し
時の果てに 辿り着いたのは
闇に真実 沈んだところ

Fate is fate – undeniable
Meeting and parting – forever repeating
Till the end of time – it was a struggle
To the truth in darkness – sunken in deep

痛みを痛み 涙流し
体と体 触れてもやがては
震え怯え 感じた記憶は
永久の泉へ 流れて消えた

Painful painful – tears flowing
This body this body – even if you touch it, eventually
Shaking in panic – those felt memories
Towards the fountain of life – flowing and disappearing

嗚呼 ぼやけて 見えない 悲しみ

Ah – blurring – unseen – sadness


I am a doll
A perfect doll
My heart is my own
So I will not admit it
No matter what that person says I definitely will not admit it.

絶対に 認めたくない

I definitely – do not want to admit it

操られこの糸 切れたとしても
行かないで 行かないで 繋いでて

These instrumental threads – if I were to cut them…
Don’t go, don’t go, stay tied to me…

人型よ 変わる世界も 変わる理解は去れず
ただきっと 夢と映すのは狭間で

In human form – both this changing world – and this changing understanding will not fade
Only for certain - is this space reflecting dreams

今生まれ 今果てる

Now I am born – now I am ending


Everything overflowing – this crib filled with childish anger

終わりは終わり 容赦の無い
言葉と気持ち 乱れたままでも
意味と定義 すべて覆し
過去を未来へ 繋げる奇跡

The end is the end – there is no forgiveness
Words and feelings – even though they are disturbed
Meaning and definition – all is toppled over
This miracle tying the past to the future

重いと熱意 ただそれだけ
進化と破壊 いつまでも続く
称え祭れ 僅かな日々でも
愛した笑顔 明日はもういない

Importance and enthusiasm- that is all it is
Evolution and destruction – endlessly continue
Praise and worship – those few days
The smile I loved – will not be there tomorrow

嗚呼 深くて 癒えない 悲しみ
嗚呼 隠れて 見えない 喜び
嗚呼 私に 私の 魂

Ah – deep – unhealable – sadness
Ah – hidden – unseen – happiness
Ah – to me – my own – my soul

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