Hishoku no Sora Lyrics 緋色の空 + Shugo Chara!

Wah~ Shugo Chara! I’ve recently started watching the series, and although I’m not really one to be into the “magical girl” sort of series, this one is just too cute – and I find that I just can’t stop laughing, and everything else makes me smile. I just watched the ninth, which is one of the better ones so far – Hinamori Amu-chan looks so cute in her kimono! Just watching the show makes me feel tiny again, with “I want to be like you~” filling up my heart. You all can make fun of me all you want, but what makes me happy makes me happy ^^. This is going to be another one of those times that I empty my pockets to buy the original manga ._. I’m going to be out of the streets at this rate. I am anxiously awaiting the appearance of the insert song “Black Diamond” because I came across it and have been listening to it – it’s such a wonderfully melodic song… I think I really fall for violas and cellos – oh and it helps when the guy playing is a kitty boy. :3 and the girl singing with vampire wings :F

You would think that with all this spouting about Shugo Chara, that I’d have below a song of the series, but sadly no, no – I may just for fun even if the lyrics are little more than hop, step, jump~ : oooh… I should take Black Diamond in that case then, given that it’s pretty. Yes yes, I’ll take note. I might also take a swing at some translations of some of the short stories I have to read for class, they’re quite thrilling and thought provoking, copyright free so I won’t get into trouble either. Yosssha!

Anyway, I am far off topic: I’m still working off a queue of translations, so next on the list is Hishoku no Sora, which presented a mild challenge, what with it’s made up words and all, but that’s what kanji are for ^^ – it’s a pretty song too, whenever I listen to it or read the lyrics, I see a landscape that I oh so would wish to paint in watercolour, if I had even the remotest bit of ability. Though unfortunately I don’t orz.

[note: because of how “subjects” are handled in japanese, it’s hard to handle somewhat “subjectless” situations and make it sound reasonable in english – I’m trying my best ^^;]

Scarlet Sky

そしてこの空 赤く染めて また来る時 この一身(・み)で 進むだけ

Take this sky, and dye it red; When that time comes again, with this body, I will only continue.

すれ違っていく’人’も 紛ぐれ失くした’モノ’も
いつかは 消えゆく記憶
熱く揺るがす’強さ’ 儚く揺る’弱さ’
所詮 同じ結末(み・らい)

Both “people” who continue to disagree, and “things” that are lost,
someday will become a fading memory.
Both “strength” which burns hot, and “weakness” which wavers fleetingly
in the end, have the same fate.

そんな日常 紅霞(こう・か)を溶かし 現れる陽 紅(くれ)る世界

As it does each day, the crimson haze melts away as the sun appears, the world turning red

風になびかせ 線を引いて 流れるよな髪先 敵を刺す
振り斬った想い 漲る夢
すべては今 この手で 使命 果たして行くだけ

Ride upon the wind, drawing a flowing line with the tips of my hair, as I pierce through the enemy.
Those cast away thoughts, fill my dreams…
Everything is now, with these hands I will only fulfill my purpose.

また灯が一つ 落とされ そっとどこかで 消えた
現実 変わらぬ日々
だけど確かに感じる 君の温もり 鼓動
これも 真実だと

Another light falls, and quietly somewhere went out.
In reality, though the days are unchanging,
I still can with certainty feel your warmth, your heartbeat.
This is also a truth

そして紅 紅塵(こう・じん)を撒き 夕日を背に 今始まる さあ

Take this red, crimson impurity and scatter it, starting down with the evening sun upon my back, come.

なぜ 高鳴る心に 迷い戸惑い 感じるの
早く いたずらに暴れだす 痛み 壊して

Why do I feel such a hesitation and confusion in my quickly beating heart?
Break the pain I feel so quickly in anger towards your teasing.

それに滲んだ 焼けた雲は 内に秘めた願いが 焦がしてる
躊躇った瞳 浮かぶ涙 でも明日の 力に変えて

So now, in those blurring searing clouds, a secret wish is burning.
Hesitant pupils, floating tears, but tomorrow I will change it into power.

すべて捧げて 舞い降りた地 冴える刃一つで 闇を斬る
いつだって胸の 奥の光 瞬かせて
この一身(・み) 使命 果たしてゆくまで

Raise all of it up, towards the falling fluttering earth, with one sharp blade, cut through the darkness
At some time the light in my chest was made to sparkle
With this body, until I fulfill by purpose.

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